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released March 21, 2010


all rights reserved



hellocharger Seattle, Washington

[hellocharger] is a musical collective comprised of GRANT KIMURA [guitar/vox], JAMES ERWIN [drums], and CHRIS JIMENEZ [bass].

they define themselves as fringe alternative and are based in the greater SEATTLE area of WASHINGTON state.
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Track Name: Hopeless
this quarrel's growing old
same old bullshit that
we both said that we'd let go
and on and on and on and on we'll go
we'll fight on and on and on and on
'til we both find another's bed

i never wanted
to let it get this far
and now you think it's all my fault
you think it's hopeless
i know it's worth this
i can't believe that you won't try at all

when there's nothing left to say
i turn to speak with you
but you just look the other way
we both know we haven't let it go
i place my arm around your waist
as you dry your eyes to turn to say

Track Name: Fade Away
i can't find the time
to guarantee things will be fine
there's just too much weighing
on my mind tonight

but i'll still be meeting you here
traditions cant be tainted by fear
of never knowing if
forgiveness can make things right

between us again
it all depends
i can't defend
you'll never win
who'll beg to stay
will we see the day
skies turn from grey
and never fade away

in your arms i felt i was home
now you seem distant and cold
a burning photograph
lingers as a scar, inside my memory

the picture won't turn to ash
images keep flooding back
memories that i
don't think we can have

Track Name: Candlelight
and beautiful
i just couldn't help myself
former ways, that haunt, and beg
me to lose
lose what i have left

show me i'm okay
i could fall without you
there's no other way
for me to come through

thankful for, but forgetting of the past
wouldn't know what to do next
keep a journal, of sins against myself
just to prove
i haven't lost it yet

i can't make this go away...
Track Name: Tomorrow's Delay
basking in moonlight
and glorious starshine
i breathe again
stars in a black sky
seem distant and perfect
i can feel again
agaaaaainn, again
distant and dreaming
lost and unfeeling
i wont let this drag me down

so, please just give me a moment
just to breathe, once again
please just give me a purpose
dont just leave, dont just leave me again

cant shake this feeling
it must be this evening
just can't seem to get things right
returning to old haunts
my heart knows what it wants
i wont let this drag me down
Track Name: Nightmares
dark clouds are forming on the shelf
old flames burning in the corner
in a room with no doors or windows
angels swing from tree to tree
a wicked countenance that tells me
i will never die alone

i dont know who to trust
my fear turns tangible
all i really know is
[i am failing now...]

this panic won't subside this time
the fear has got me by the throat
just back the hell away from me
can't fight the sinking feeling
but you won't see me on my knee
just back the hell away from me

i know these thoughts are so insane
keep me separate, i cant do this again
Track Name: Lena
laid to rest, she's alone again
lying on the floor
worn and tired with her eyelids drawn
she can't see the sun

tell me darling,
what keeps you so sane?

mountains crumble
fortunes fade
the world boils down to one
with empty pockets
and bloodshot eyes
and a will for more to come

tell me darling,
what keeps you so sane?

where, where will you go?
how, how far to know?

when you're out
alone and so weary
would you stop and remember?

[where will you run to?
how far to find yourself?
what keeps you so sane?
what keeps you so sane?]

would you stop and remember?
could you stop,
for me?
Track Name: Zombies!
thought i was made of something more
a sleepless night again, i look into your eyes
i see the darkness, the fury
wicked instincts, come to life
my brother, i'm sure you'd see
you've forced my hand tonight

nobody leaves this place alive
you couldn't stop me if you tried

nobody left, left to save my life
and as the end draws near, nowhere left to hide
to choose a blaze of glory, or choose my battles wise
i will run no more, lord knows there's no time

nobody leaves this place alive
you couldn't stop me if you tried